Kijani Kenya

Achievements and Performance in 2021

During the year the charity worked to fund projects for The Kijani Kenya Trust registered in Kenya, which is responsible for all project administration on behalf Kijani UK. The charity, in partnership with the Collier Trust, continues to help the funding for Education fees in Nyeri, Nairobi, Naivasha and Nanyuki for needy Children. Sanata Trust, Care of women and children for education or medical treatment. Kwale eye Centre at the Coast for treatment of cataracts and bad sight for needy Africans. Milgis Trust, several students’ education for the pastoral people in the far north of Kenya. Community Health Africa Trust, Mobile Health Clinics for the Pastoral People and Binti, Sanitary towels for girls so they can attend school for their education.  Follow these links for more information: