One ongoing beneficiary, Innocent, is completing his medical degree at Nairobi University

One ongoing beneficiary, Innocent, is completing his medical degree at Nairobi University

Kijani supports impoverished children and students. Arranging secondary education plus college, university and technical training. Applicants are sought from severely deprived backgrounds. Thus offering them a chance to find a new life.

A small committee checks and asesses applicants, Once chosen the students must reach certain grades and good conduct for funding to continue.

This project is supported by the Collier Trust from Britain, as well as individual donors. This offers a student a chance to find a career and job opportunities.

If you would like to sponsor a child/student, who needs help  click here. We will then discuss with you your ideas and funding availability.

Musical Education

Kijani’s music education workshops are affiliated with the music festival – the visiting international artists are invited to hold separate workshops, either ‘master classes’ for music teachers, musical exchanges with Kenyan artists, or workshops for young people in the care of children’s homes, often HIV+ orphans and vulnerable children.

Some 600 children, from age two to fifteen and 450 members of various choirs have taken part in workshops with Kijani. These children regularly perform in Kjiani festivals. Many more are sponsored by Kijani to attend and form part of the audience of some of the exciting festival performances.

The effect on the children especially has been palpable – these children are usually orphans, victims of abuse or abandonment, or come from destitute families. Thus these children often haven’t been exposed to a variety of music or art forms. For many, Kijani’s music festival is their first time seeing an opera. The workshops also allow them to meet children from other homes.

The teachers and staff at the children’s homes all noted how beneficial Kijani’s music education programme is, mentioning how the children came away inspired, happy and with increased confidence.

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