Sanata Trust

Sanata Trust fuel briquette project

Sanata Trust fuel briquette project

The Kijani Kenya Trust have been supporting the Sanata Trust  in their conservation efforts since 2011.

The Trust runs an imaginative scheme which uses recyclable waste to produce fuel in the form of briquettes.

The process not only provides much needed employment for local people but also provides a cheaper alternative to conventional fuel sources and helps to prevent the destruction of Kenya’s forests.

All plastic and burnable rubbish is collected and formed into briquettes which are then sold to local and Kenyan establishments.

Sanata Trust fuel briquette project

Sanata Trust fuel briquette project

Currently three types of smokeless briquettes are made – for industry, for indoor cooking and fireplaces and for outdoor BBQ’s. Lodges in the Mara, schools in Gilgil and some homes in the area are already being supplied and several Nairobi industries have expressed interest

Chandararana, a Kenyan supermarket chain and one of the Trust’s partners, plan to market and sell all three types of briquettes in their stores. They have also agreed to recycle all their cardboard waste with the scheme which will help to reduce costs and enable the production of more briquettes.

Money generated from the sale of briquettes funds the Santana Trust’s Restart Centre which provides education for needy children.

Kijani’s support will help the Trust to expand the business, provide more employment and generate more profit to run the school.

We have a range of briquettes:

  • Small (fireballs) 40 shillings/kg

These are meant for smaller domestic cookers (Jiko)

  • Medium 25 shillings/kg

These are meant to target the slightly bigger cookers but can still be used on smaller ones.

  • Large 15 shillings/kg

The large briquettes can be used on bigger burners/boilers. These were meant for institutions with such  equipment.

The briquettes  have a calorific value of 38.6. And we only produce smokeless briquettes which burn for longer than firewook.

Please feel free to visit our site for demonstration.

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The Kijani Kenya Trust UK is a main source of consistent funding. Its bank account is with the Charity's Aid Foundation (CAF). Many donors offer monthly direct debits of between £5 and £50 GBP (£5 buys a lot in Africa). To donate to the Kijani Kenya Trust you can donate online or you may kindly send a cheque, via post to: Nicola Tiger, Trustee of the Kijani Kenya Trust, 3A Station Parade, Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3PS Email:
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