Kwale Eye Centre

Kwale Eye Centre

Kwale Eye Centre

The Kwale Eye Centre is a specialist centre based in a poor rural district on the Kenyan Coast.

It holds regular clinics in the coastal villages to help needy Africans with eye problems some of which are endemic.

Many are given sight again after suffering for many years.

It was founded in 1993 by UK trained ophthalmologist Dr Helen Roberts.

The aim of the Eye Centre is to provide affordable, accessible eye care to combat the totally unnecessary rate of blindness that occurs in the area.

No patients are refused treatment.

Since 1993, 72,000 new patients have been registered at the Centre’s base. This figure does not include all the patients seen, as many need to return for ongoing follow up and care. Many thousands of patients are still receiving support and eye care services both at base, in schools and in the field.

In addition to the patients seen at the clinic, over 320,000 patients have been seen in the field.

Over 30,000 eye operations have been performed most of which were sight restoring cataract operations. In remote parts of Kenya 24,000 patients have been treated.

In addition to caring for patients, the Eye Centre also carries out research and training. It is an official training centre for the University of Nairobi, Department of Ophthalmology

Donations are required, particularly to allow poor patients to undergo surgical procedures.

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Kijani Kenya Trust
The Kijani Kenya Trust UK is a main source of consistent funding. Its bank account is with the Charity's Aid Foundation (CAF). Many donors offer monthly direct debits of between £5 and £50 GBP (£5 buys a lot in Africa). To donate to the Kijani Kenya Trust you can donate online or you may kindly send a cheque, via post to: Nicola Tiger, Trustee of the Kijani Kenya Trust, 3A Station Parade, Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3PS Email:
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